Thursday, May 27, 2004

ACLU may sue California

LOS ANGELES — The American Civil Liberties Union (search) plans to sue Los Angeles County if it does not remove a cross from its official seal.

County officials say the cross represents the Spanish missions which are part of California's history.

They add that it would be expensive to redesign the county seal, which was designed in 1957 and appears on most official county property: walls, documents, water bottles, uniforms, cars and trucks.

On Friday, the ACLU gave the county two weeks to eliminate the seal.

"What is the message that it sends?" said Ramona Ripson of the ACLU. "What that message is to everyone in California is one of Christianity, and we are a state of diverse people."

Yes you are a diverse people. How does that change the history of California? We've taken political correctness to far when even the sight of a cross upsets people. Maybe Mr.Ripson should learn a little history of why that cross is on the seal.

Aren't there more important things the ACLU can be doing?