Sunday, May 23, 2004

Enough is enough

In yesterdays and today's local newspaper I see new pictures coming out of Abu Ghraib. I keep hearing pundits say that these pictures are causing Middle Eastern people hate us. If that is true, why on earth do we keep seeing these pictures? We get the idea of what happened, it's time to stop showing these pictures. The only problem with that, blood sells. So, what do we do? There has to come a point where common sense kicks in. If these pictures are causing hate, and along with that hate comes action, why keep showing them? The only reason I can see is that it hurts Bush. And if that is true, how are papers, and the national news, not showing bias?

Everyone has bias. I do, you do and newspapers do but, when it comes to the point that that bias may cause the death of our soldiers, something needs to be done. Am I calling for censorship? No. What I do think needs to be done is the DOD needs to STOP handing these pictures out. Let people call it a cover up. It wouldn't be but, that's what some would call it. It's time to stop.

Enough is enough.