Monday, May 31, 2004

Hans Blix

In an interview Monday for La Stampa Hans Blix was asked:

Q: "Are you tracking the U.S. Presidential campaign?"

His answer:

"I place my trust in the multilateralism of Democratic candidate John Kerry. And in any event, I think that the whole world should vote on 2 November because so much depends on the outcome of that vote."

It's just fine if Mr. Blix supports one candidate over the other but, he thinks the United States should give up its sovereignty so the rest of the world can vote for our President.


I wonder if Mr. Blix would mind if the people of the U.S. went and voted for the Prime Minister of Sweden.

I've heard this argument before and all I can say is "too bad". This is NOT the rest of the worlds country and no one other than U.S. citizens have a right to vote here. We choose who represents us and the rest of the world can whine and complain all they want but, too bad.