Thursday, June 17, 2004

Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change

27 former diplomats and Military men and women decided they didn't like the way Bush was handling the country so, they held a press conference, let's see what they had to say.

The undersigned have held positions of responsibility for the planning and execution of American foreign and defense policy. Collectively, we have served every president since Harry S. Truman. Some of us are Democrats, some are Republicans or Independents, many voted for George W. Bush. But we all believe that current Administration policies have failed in the primary responsibilities of preserving national security and providing world leadership. Serious issues are at stake. We need a change.

From the outset, President George W. Bush adopted an overbearing approach to America's role in the world,

This is actually new. According to the democrats, Bush did nothing up to 9/11.
relying upon military might and righteousness,

Let's see, the Twin Towers were attacked, the Pentagon was attacked and, according to the 9/11 commissions report, 10 other planes were meant to be used, we went into Afganastan, took out the Taliban, chased OBL into a mountain. We also took a cruel dic-tator out of power and we're puting a country into a far better place than it has ever been. Yep, military might and righteousness.
insensitive to the concerns of traditional friends and allies

Concerns? They must mean that our traditional allies and friends were afraid of the money they were going to lose. Plus, the more the Oil for Food program is looked into, the worse it's looking for some of those friends and allies.
and disdainful of the United Nations.

We went to the U.N. and got a resolution, 1441, that resolution called for compliance on the part of Iraq or "serious consequences" would occur. Anyone with even the slightest understanding of diplomacy knows that "serious consequences" means military action. That part of the Security Council decided not to go in, isn't our problem because, Resolution 1441 also said "any member state" could take action. Saddam Hussein decided to play chicken and lost.
Instead of building upon America's great economic and moral strength to lead other nations in a coordinated campaign to address the causes of terrorism and to stifle its resources

In an earlier post, I said that hate was what caused this. I'll ask again, how do you understand hate? AS for stifling terrorism, most of OBL's top people are dead or in jail, pretty stifling to me.
motivated more by ideology than by reasoned analysis, struck out on its own.

I'm sure the 40 other nations that either took part in or helped in Iraq just love hearing this.
It led the United States into an ill-planned and costly war from which exit is uncertain. It justified the invasion of Iraq by manipulation of uncertain intelligence about weapons of mass destruction, and by a cynical campaign to persuade the public that Saddam Hussein was linked to Al Qaeda and the attacks of September 11. The evidence did not support this argument.
I'm sorry but, aren't there military men in this group? If so, please tell me when Intel is EVER certain. Wmb's, he had them, where are they, it was his job to prove he didn't have them and this garbage that you can't prove a negative is just that, garbage. If he destroyed them, there would be records, we asked to see them, he wouldn't show them. Breach of resolution.
Our security has been weakened. While American airmen and women, marines, soldiers and sailors have performed gallantly, our armed forces were not prepared for military occupation and nation building. Public opinion polls throughout the world report hostility toward us. Muslim youth are turning to anti-American terrorism. Never in the two and a quarter centuries of our history has the United States been so isolated among the nations, so broadly feared and distrusted. No loyal American would question our ultimate right to act alone in our national interest; but responsible leadership would not turn to unilateral military action before diplomacy had been thoroughly explored.

The part of this paragraph that catches my eye is "Muslim youth are turning to anti-American terrorism." Have these folks ever listened or read Al-Jezeera? The Ayatolas preach hate. This isn't something that just happened, it has been ongoing for decades and as diplomats, these people should know that.

The rest of the paragraph is a hoot. We are in no way "isolated". We have more than 4 dozen countries actively supporting us. that's "isolated"? And again, that word unilateral, how 40 is unilateral, I'll never know. As for diplomacy being explored, 12 years 19 resolutions, that's all I'll say.
The United States suffers from close identification with autocratic regimes in the Muslim world, and from the perception of unquestioning support for the policies and actions of the present Israeli Government. To enhance credibility with Islamic peoples we must pursue courageous, energetic and balanced efforts to establish peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and policies that encourage responsible democratic reforms.

We have, for more than 3 decades, tried to help with the peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the Palestinains, at every turn, have decided that bombing civilians is the best way to do things. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to act like it and stop pl;acing all the blame on Israel, not that Israel isn't to blame for some of thier actions.
We face profound challenges in the 21st Century: proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, unequal distribution of wealth and the fruits of globalization, terrorism, environmental degradation, population growth in the developing world, HIV/AIDS, ethnic and religious confrontations. Such problems can not be resolved by military force, nor by the sole remaining superpower alone; they demand patient, coordinated global effort under the leadership of the United States.

The Bush Administration has shown that it does not grasp these circumstances of the new era, and is not able to rise to the responsibilities of world leadership in either style or substance. It is time for a change.

Oh, We're supposed to police the world, WMB's. Be socialist, give others money away, by force. Do something about terrorism, except use the military. Give condoms to the world. Do something about AIDS, oops, we already have. Keep nuts from killing eachother, ask the U.N. about Rwanda and several other African nations.

We have and do, do these things. These people act like all we have done is use the military. They really should have done some reading before making this statement. While I in know way support all the things Bush has done, I do think he is doing a fairly good job when it comes to world affairs. As I've said before, the fact that we are the only remaining super power makes it our responsibility to do more, we are but, there comes a time when a doing needs to be done bu the other nations, we've reached that time.