Thursday, June 03, 2004

George Soros

As bad as the things Soros said today, they don't compare to a commencement speech he gave on May 17 to the Columbia School of International & Public Affairs.

Why are we in trouble? Let me focus on the feature that looms so large in the current landscape -- the war on terror. September 11 was a traumatic event that shook the nation to its core. But it could not have changed the course of history for the worse if President Bush had not responded the way he did. Declaring war on terrorism was understandable, perhaps even appropriate, as a figure of speech.

"as a figure of speech"?
But the President meant it literally and that is when things started going seriously wrong.

How else was he to mean it other than literally? Oh, does he mean by doing what the previous administration did for 8 years? Talk a lot and do nothing?
Recently the nation has been shaken by another event: pictures of our soldiers abusing prisoners in Saddam's notorious prison. I believe there is a direct connection between the two events. It is the war on terror that has led to the torture scenes in Iraq. What happened in Abu Ghraib was not a case of a few bad apples but a pattern tolerated and even encouraged by the authorities.

Yes, there is a connection. If we wouldn't have done anything, these things wouldn't have happened. Of course, if would have done nothing, 25 million Iraqis wouldn't be free.

And yes, it is a case of a few bad apples. The military has no doctrine for the mistreatment of prisoners nor does it condone it. What happened when we found out these abuses were going on? Investigations, one man in jail and trials being set for the others.
It is not a popular thing to say, but the fact is that we are victims who have turned into perpetrators.

Give me a break. Maybe 12 out of 140,000 people did this. The regular soldier is sickened by this as are the officers.
If we had really cared for the Iraqi people we would have sent in more troops and we would have provided protection not only for the Ministry of Oil but also for the other Ministries and the museums and hospitals. As it is, the country was devastated by looting.

If we would have done what Soros said, we would have killed even more innocents, which he talked about earlier in this speech.

As for the museums, if Soros would have taken the time to actually look into this, he would have found only 7 artifacts were missing and they were sold my SH. Oops
I find the excuse that we went into Iraq in order to liberate it particularly galling. It is true that Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and it is good to be rid of him. But the way we went about it will make it more difficult to get rid of the likes of Saddam in the future. The world is full of tyrants and we cannot topple them all by military action. How to deal with Kim Jong-il in North Korea or Mugabe in Zimbabwe or the Turkmenbashi of Turkmenistan is the great, unsolved problem of the prevailing world order. By taking unilateral and arbitrary action, the United States has made it more difficult to solve that problem.

Unilateral? I think the 40 other nations who helped us would find this offensive. Arbitrary? 12 years, 17 resolutions. Unheard of human rights violations. This is arbitrary?

He is right in one respect. We can't use our military to expel all these tyrants. That's where diplomacy comes in. We can also support those who are fighting against these governments. SH had a chance to do the right thing, he played chicken, he lost.
We need to engage in some serious soul-searching. The terrorists seem to have hit upon a weak point in our collective psyche. They have made us fearful.

I disagree. I think what happened on 9/11 showed, even in a time of national disaster, our ability to unite as one people and say "no more". The weakness comes in when people sit and complain about us doing SOMETHING other than sitting on our hands.

Being the strongest we have a duty to the rest of the world. We need to stand up for those who are weaker than us, and if people like Soros can't see that that is exactly what we are doing, they are blind.

I could go on with picking this speech apart but, it's not worth it. Soros, coming out of communism, should know better yet, he supports groups like, says that Bush is as bad as hitler and on and on.

My question. Why do the democrats love this guy? Hey, they have a right to stand by anyone they want but, don't talk about moral superiority when you're standing in a pile of shit.

You can find the text to the speech here.