Saturday, June 26, 2004


A saucy new dipping sauce billing itself as "America's Ketchup" hopes to cash in on the Heinz-John Kerry connection.
"Choose Heinz and you're supporting Teresa [Heinz Kerry] and her husband's Gulfstream Jet, and liberal causes such as [Massachusetts Sen. John] Kerry for President," reads the Web site for W Ketchup, which started selling June 14. "You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?"
W Ketchup focuses on themes of patriotism -- its label combines an American flag, a bald eagle and a picture of George Washington. The ketchup company will give the larger amount of either 5 percent of profits or 1 percent of sales to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. It says it uses only American ingredients.
"We did it as a way for people to show their political stripes," said W Ketchup Chairman Bill Zachary, a New York banker who describes himself as "a middle-of-the-road kind of guy."
Mr. Zachary considers his brand to be nonpartisan. He said the "W" in the brand's name stands for Washington -- not the 43rd president.
The ketchup, not yet in stores, is made and bottled by "a major company" that Mr. Zachary would not disclose. The bottles sell for $3 each (minimum four bottles per order) on the Web site; about 5,000 have been sold.
Mr. Zachary thought of the concept with a handful of friends at an April barbecue. "Every time we squeezed that bottle, we were giving a little to Teresa Heinz Kerry," he said.

The only problem with this is, Teresa Heinz Kerry only owns 4% of the company and the Heinz PAC has given almost twice as much money to republicans than democrats.

I will say this though the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund is a damn worthy cause. It gives scholarships to the children of those who have lost thier lives in Afganastan and Iraq.