Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Iraqis give thanks

Following the formal handover of sovereignty to Baghdad, 15 Iraqi and Iraqi-American groups have issued an open letter to the American people, thanking them for the sacrifices they endured to liberate their country.

The letter will be delivered to President Bush at the White House today and published in a full page ad in USA Today.

"Just as we mourn for the victims of Saddam's regime, we also grieve for the Americans and Iraqis who were killed or injured during the liberation or by terrorists determined to hold us back," the letter reads. "We will honor those who have sacrificed for our freedom by building a new Iraq that lives in peace with the nations of the world, without fear of war, torture chambers or terrorism."

This is why we did what we did folks. Not for the thinks, although it is nice to recieve that, but because these people are yearning for a new way of life, and that is what we've given them. If you have any doubts about how the Iraqi people feel, go buy a USA Today.