Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just for laughs

NEW YORK - Al Sharpton , who failed in his last bid for a new job — president of the United States — now has a job on a reality TV show that guides people on career makeovers. Spike TV, the Viacom cable channel that targets a young male audience, said Sharpton will host "I Hate My Job," premiering in the fall.

"I like the concept of trying to have people discover their purpose in life, and not have the world define them or settle for less than who they want to be just to pay their bills," Sharpton said Tuesday.

The eight male contestants in the show will quit their jobs and work with two "life counselors," Sharpton and California psychologist Stephanie Raye, who will give them advice and weekly assignments. A panel will decide which contestants will continue each week.

"Reverend Sharpton came from a modest upbringing and became a major political force and presidential candidate," said Kevin Kay, Spike's executive vice president for programming. "He's lived the American dream so he's the perfect person for our eight contestants to learn from."

Does Al Sharpton even have a job? All I have ever seen him do is run for president and talk.