Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Reagan funeral

I just finished watching the funeral procession and I have to admit, there were a few times that tears came to my eyes. Every time the camera panned to Nancy, I couldn't help but feel intense sorrow. The love these two people shared is so uncommon these days, it makes you wonder if it's even possible anymore.

You almost have to laugh though when you think about Reagan. He hated pageantry. He couldn't stand when Hail To The Chief or Ruffles and Flourishes was played. You can almost see him looking down, shaking his head.

Having been a part of an honor guard on a couple of occasions, I have to say that the gentlemen of this honor guard did a wonderful job. It isn't an easy duty but, believe me, it is very much an honor, and they performed perfectly.

On Friday, President Reagan will be laid to his final rest. I think if he were able to give one last message to this country it would be this. Keep fighting, be strong and love.