Monday, June 14, 2004

Red Cross "Let Saddam go"

Yes, you did read that right.

Saddam Hussein must either be released from custody by June 30 or charged if the United States and the new Iraqi government are to conform to international law, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Sunday according to a report by The Guardian.

Nada Doumani, a spokeswoman for the ICRC, told The Guardian, "The US defines Saddam Hussein as a prisoner of war. At the end of an occupation Prisoners of War have to be released provided they have no penal charges against them."

Doumani's comments came as the international body, the only independent group with access to detainees in US custody, becomes increasingly concerned over the legal limbo in which thousands of people are being held in the run-up to the transfer of power at the end of the month.

How interesting. Isn't the Red Cross the orginization worried about human rights? Now, they want to let a human monster go because it goes against International Law. Another orginization I'll write off my books. Idiots