Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Saddam to be turned over to Iraq

BAGHDAD -- Saddam Hussein and up to a dozen top members of his regime will formally be turned over to Iraqi legal authorities today, although they will remain in the physical custody of U.S. and other foreign soldiers.
The former dictator is to appear before a judge tomorrow to be formally charged with some of the most grievous crimes in any law book.
A day after the transfer of political authority to Iraqis -- which had been advanced by two days over fears of security -- Iraq remained relatively calm, but three U.S. Marines were killed in a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad.
Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, who was sworn in at a secret ceremony Monday, yesterday announced that Saddam and the other "high value detainees" would lose their POW status and be indicted under Iraqi law.
"This government has formally requested the transfer of the most notorious and high profile detainees," he told reporters here, as Justice Minister Malik Dohan al-Hassan stood beside him.
"These people ... will face justice before the special Iraqi court created in January to trymembers of the former regime for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes," he said.

Another good thing happening in Iraq. I keep hearing people say that this is wrong, that he should be tried by the International court. While a agree that Saddam Hussein did indeed break international laws, I have to say that most of his crimes were commited against the Iraqi peopleand they should be the ones to try him.