Sunday, July 11, 2004

Ever had one of those days?

Today was a beautiful day so, my brother and I decided to go out on
the river for a couple of hours. When we got to the boat ramp, I
backed in and went back to the unload the boat and couldn't get the
tilt and trim to work. After playing aroung with the hydraulics for a
few minutes we finally got the motor in place and went out for about
an hour and a half. We started seeing some lightning so decided to
call it a day.

We get back to the ramp and a guy is backed in but not loading his
boat. We had to sit and wait and, of course, it starts raining so, we
decided to sit under an overpass while we waited for he guy to get his
boat loaded. The motor stopped and we couldn't get it restarted. It's
raing, lightning, and the tide is coming in. As we rapidly floatd down
river we dropped the trolling motor to try and keep pace with the
tide. My brother asked me to run the troll so he could look at the
motor, on the way to the front of the boat, I kicked the trolls lines
out, without knowing. A mile downriver I finally saw that the wire was
loose and plugged it back in. 45 minutes later we get back to the
ramp. We get the boat loaded and as I'm walking to get in the truck,
BAM, I fall on my face and break my glasses, again. When I get in the
truck I look over at my brother and crack up laughing.

I must admit, with all that happened, I still had a good time.