Friday, July 16, 2004

Ted Rall is nuts

The Captain has an interesting post on Ted Ralls article yesterday on boycotting the military. I just want to comment on a few things Rall said, then you can go over and read the Captains post.

There was a time when service in U.S. military was honorable and professionally rewarding.

So, Rall doesn't think serving in the military is honorable. Jackass. What the people in the military have to sacrifice so that they can protect us and let this moron right the garbage he does, makes them more than honorable. It's easy to sit back in your office chair and write about something you know nothing about. I'd love to see this idiot walk up to a soldier and tell him this to his or her face.

As for the service being professionally rewarding, I'm willing to bet that, percentage wise, more people in the military find their jobs more rewarding than those in civilian life.

Americans with personal integrity should boycott the volunteer military and discourage everyone they care about to do the same.

Yes, those in the military have no personal integrity. And yes, let's everyone not join the military, it will make it easier for our enemies to come after us. Geebus, this man is words I will not write in a public forum.

Not only is working as a hired gun for the U.S. government bad for your soul, it's a bad deal financially. Starting pay in the U.S. armed forces runs about $12,000 per year, about the same as working at McDonald's. The much-vaunted tuition benefit is a joke: at a time when college costs an average of $20,000 per year, a two-year active-duty stint in the army gets you a maximum $7,500. And if some insurgent draws a bead on you, you'll be treated in shabby, overcrowded Veterans Administration hospitals until you end up on the street, out of work and out of luck.

Ah, being in the military is bad for the soul. Hmmmmm, how would he know? He's right, starting pay is low but, a person with less than 2 years of trainings pay goes up to right around $27,000. Please show me a job outside of the military where your pay more than doubles in 2 years.

Shabby hospitals? I've been in many VA hospitals and most are in better condition than civilian hospitals. Most VA's are teaching hospitals where a lot of breakthoughs in medicine happen. Of course, I seriously doubt Rall has ever been near a VA hospital but, that doesn't matter now does it?

I'm done, go read the Captain.