Sunday, August 29, 2004

Bomb plot

NEW YORK -- Two men were arrested Friday night, a little more than two days before the start of the Republican National Convention, accused of conspiring to bomb a subway station and other high-profile targets here.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, announcing the arrests at a press conference yesterday, said that the suspects -- one a Pakistani national, the other a U.S. citizen -- had been under surveillance for a year.

"Their motive was generally hatred for America," Commissioner Kelly said. He added that one of the men had also made anti-Semitic statements.

The depths people will go to to assuge their "hatred" is scary.

Let's set aside the fact that these two people were willing to kill thousands of innocents, for just a moment. One man was a Pakistani national. I can almost understand why this man would want to bomb people. He has no understanding of how the U.S. works, he's been taught that we are evil and must be destroyed at all costs so, I can give this man a pass, not really but, you understand what I'm saying.

The other man was a U.S. citizen. This man has had all the oppurtunities that come with being a citizen of this country. Now, I know that this country isn't perfect. I know that our government does things to anger people all the time, myself included. What I don't understand is how a person who has more freedom here than any other country, more oppurtunity, than any other country, can decide that it's okay to kill thousands of people.

Now, let's look t what these people were going to do. They were going to set off bombs in subways and "other high-profile targets". These other targets were probably places tourists would be. Why were they going to do it now, the Republican National Convention is starting soon. Impact. They didn't care who they killed, they wanted as much impact as posible.

Can someone please tell me why I should be against capital punishment again? I seem to have forgotten.