Tuesday, August 31, 2004

He gets it too

John Podhoretz has a good article out about the medias fears of being left behind because of new forms of "media". While I like what he wrote, I want to concentrate on the first few paragraphs of his column.

THERE'S a lot of argle- bargle about how this election will be about who has the best plan for the future. You'll hear President Bush on Thursday lay out a detailed agenda for his second term, in part to address that argle-bargle.

And it won't matter a whit.

This election is about one thing and one thing only: Which of the two candidates is best suited to be this nation's commander in chief.

John wins the Cupie Doll. As I said yesterday, all the other problems in this country will work themselves out, no matter who is President. The only serious thing that should hold your attention is, who will lead this country against terrorism. This is a strange time we're living in and we need to pay attention to those things that are important. Putting your head in the ground and pretending what's going on isn't really going on, isn't going to work anymore.

And as we speak, a 2004 election plotline is developing among those who wish to see George W. Bush defeated. The plotline is this: The efforts by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to cast doubt on John Kerry's war record may be the tipping point of this campaign in Bush's favor. And if indeed that is so, the rage that liberals and Democrats will direct toward Bush will be something terrible to see.

At a panel discussion yesterday on the press and the election at the Harvard Club, two media doyens — Joe Klein of Time and David Gergen of U.S. News — pronounced themselves frightened by this prospect and the damage it might do to our democracy.

Others on the panel — Al Hunt of the Wall Street Journal and Jill Abramson of The New York Times — fretted about the capacity of the mainstream media to play the role of fact-finding truth-teller in an age dominated by cable news and the Internet.

Oh, those big bad blogs, what will we do? How about doing your JOB! Do you folks remember what an investigative reporter is? Jeebus. Your job is to report the news. Do it, for Gods sake, and stop whining