Monday, August 30, 2004

McCain meltdown

The Federal Election Commission leadership is "corrupt" and should resign for refusing to regulate political groups that are spending millions of dollars to attack both presidential candidates, Sen. John McCain said yesterday.
The Arizona Republican and co-author of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law called the FEC "disgraceful and despicable in its conduct" for allowing independent groups to exploit the Section 527 tax designation and raise millions of donations in soft money.

Whine,whine,whine. You should have written the law the way you wanted it Senator. You left loopholes and people are going to take advantage of those.
"We've got to reform the Federal Election Commission," Mr. McCain said on CBS' "Face the Nation."
The FEC voted Aug. 19 to restrict funds collected by the tax-exempt "527 groups," but not until the next election cycle.

Oh, so they re actually going to do what you want but not until after this election cycle? How is that unfair? YOU screwed up, it's too late to change the rules in the middle of the race.
Mr. McCain said commission Vice Chairman Ellen Weintraub is an "apparatchik"

Well Senator, you went on to make a good point but, I'm going to ignore it, seeing how you chose to call people names instead of just making a point. Hmmmmmmm, isn't that what you want to happen with your law?
"I say shame on you, Mr. Soros, and shame on all of the people who are funding these, both from the Republican side as well as the Democrat side," Mr. McCain said.
"We're not trying to shut you up. We're saying live by the same rules. In other words, the hard money that funds my campaign," Mr. McCain said.

YEAH!! Screw freedom of speech, do what I say!!!!!

Listen Senator, you wrote a crappy peice of legislation. The only reason it passed is because our President didn't have enough balls to say, no, hell, he hasn't said no to anything. The Supremes have their heads stuck up someones backside so, it became law.By writing this, you have done just what you said you're not trying to do, shut people up.

I'm sorry but, I will NEVER see how political debate is a bad thing. By passing this law, you are "shuting up" those who have something to say.

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