Thursday, September 30, 2004

CBS does it again

Bill at INDC Journal has interviewd a few CBS employees over the coverage of the draft issue. GO read it, it's very interesting. The thing that interested me most were Bill's conclusions,

1. The story was aired almost immediately following recent Kerry-Edwards talking points that were expressly designed to elicit unrealistic fear of a draft reinstatement for political purposes.

2. The story failed to disclose Ms. Cocco's political activism.

3. Even if the veracity of the e-mails wasn't central to the narrative of the segment, it was surely egregiously irresponsible to report their existence without disclosing their fundamental inaccuracy.

4. The use of inaccurate supporting material and the selective use of highly relevant facts mirrored many of the exact flaws that crippled the recent 60 Minutes story about George Bush's National Guard service.

It seems that the mindset of CBS is, the whole story doesn't matter, it's just the part we want on, that is.

Why is this?

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that CBS wants Bush gone. I'm sorry but, if you can give me a better explanation I'll gladly look it over and agree if it makes sense. I just don't see another explanation