Friday, September 17, 2004


President Bush has surged to a 13-point lead over Sen. John Kerry among likely voters, a new Gallup Poll shows. The 55%-42% match-up is the first statistically significant edge either candidate has held this year

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What does this imply? This early in the cycle, although it's getting later everyday, polls don't mean much. But, this is quite a significant lead and, Gallup has a reputation of accuracy. Although I don't think it really means much, it is a flash point in time and Kerry is taking them serious in that he has changed a goodly portion of his staff.

Kerry's main problem, in my opinion, is, he is even more wooden than Gore. He comes off as a rich, snobby white guy. While he is all of those, he needs to change the appearence that he is. His stump speeches are boring and do not grip the audience. While I do not intend on voting for him, there are some things that I agree with Kerry on but, he isn't giving me anything. He has yet to tell us how he plans to do any of the things he says he is going to do. On some things, he just says he'd do it better than Bush. His story changes from city to city. None of this inspires confidence.

So, I have some tips for John Kerry

1. Animate yourself. Monotone is fine but, it puts people to sleep.

2. While no one votes for someone because of their pick for VP. you need to use Edwards more. He is an engaging speaker, let's face it, it's how he made his money, he's charismatic, and he is, oh, so cute.

3. Talk about the economy. While we have the fastest growing economy in almost 30 years, people are to blind to see it. BTW, use actual facts and not the poo you've been saying, it's too easy to debunk

4. Talk about Iraq. Even though things are going much better than the MSM would have us believe, people still, for some reason, believe them. Use the word quagmire a lot, it makes people think of Vietnam.

5. On that topic, STOP, for God's sweet sake, STOP, talking about Vietnam, it is a loser for you.

6. Lastly, do not, under any circumstance, allow your wife to open her mouth. She comes off a a domineering rich bitch. 2 of you is far too many.