Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hurricane Frances

Another hurricane is threatening Florida. Depending on where Frances decides to make land fall, I may have to evacuate. I won't know much until later tonight or early tomorrow but, I'll let you know.

I was discussing this with a friend when Charlie came through a couple of weeks ago. She asked me why I would live in Florida. Well, it's my home. I love this state. I've been in a lot of states and none of them touch the beauty of Florida. It's rich in history, it has diverse cultures, it's surounded by water. The rivers, the forrests, the near jungles, the Everglades, the hot and cold springs. I can talk about Florida all day, I really do love this state.

While it may be a pain in the ass to have to pack up and go to a hotel, I mean really, who wants the hassle of room service, I could think of no where else on earth I'd rather live.

Well, maybe Fiji.