Saturday, September 04, 2004

Real people make ads

Testimonial ads are nothing new in the political world. High-profile surrogates or supportive celebrities often film commercials endorsing a candidate, hoping voters will follow their leads. Those have been rare this year. But quite a few ads have featured everyday Americans testifying about the state of the nation, as strategists seek to make politics — and the presidential election — personal through campaign commercials.

Such "real people" or "man-on-the-street" ads are popping up more on the Democratic side than on the Republican side. That's not surprising, given that there are more commercials from liberal outside groups meant to help Democrat John Kerry than there are conservative groups doing the same for President Bush.

I'm sure you all have seen one of these ads. We have one running right now here in Florida. The woman in it claims to be a republican and says she going to vote for Kerry. That's fine. She goes on to say that because of her stance, she has lost clients and that when that happens, something should be done. Sorry, I do not have the text for the ad.

Isn't it funnny, she is allowed to express her opinion but, when her clients express theirs, by no longer using her services, there is something wrong? Why is it that the democrats think it's fine that they can say whatever they think, yet when others express their opinion, it is JUST WRONG?

This reminds me of the Dixie Chick contraversy. The dems got up in arms because radio stations refused to play the DC's songs. The radio stations stopped playing them because the people who listen to the stations said they would boycott the stations if they didn't. This is what happens in a society that has Free Speech. You have every right in the world to say what you want but, you have to realise that there are going to be consequences to what you say. This is life folks, it's how it works. You can whine and moan all you want but, deal. Why this is a surprise to anyone I don't understand. It happens every day of your life. If you say something the wrong way to your wife, she will make you pay. If you state something to your boss that he finds offensive in some way, he will fire you. Get over it.