Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Spirituality in the election

I was listening to Larry Kings show last night and they got on the subject of srirtuality in this election. Some pundits saw nothing wrong with it, others said it was a bad thing. I couldn't sleep so, I thought about this.

What is wrong with voting your beliefs?

I can find nothing wrong with it. We vote on who we think will do the best job for the economy, defense, social issues, and so on. We vote for those people because it is our belief that the person we vote for will do the things we think are for the best.

So, if you are spiritual, or religious, choose your term, what is wrong with voting for the person who holds the same, or similar, beliefs as you do? Again, I found nothing wrong with this. If your spirituality is an important part of your life, why on earth wouldn't you vote for someone who holds the same beliefs?

Let me know what you think about this subject. I'm curious how people think on this.