Friday, September 24, 2004

Terri Schiavo

I'll probably catch some heat for my beliefs on this.

Dealing a defeat to Gov. Jeb Bush, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a law that was rushed through the Legislature last fall to keep a severely brain-damaged woman hooked to a feeding tube.

The seven-member court unanimously said Bush and lawmakers improperly tried to pull an end run around the court system in the case of Terri Schiavo, who has been at the center of a long and bitter right-to-die dispute that pits her husband against his in-laws.

As early as 2000, lower courts had ruled that Michael Schiavo could have his wife's feeding tube removed. But last October, the Legislature passed "Terri's Law" to override the courts, and Bush quickly invoked it to order the tube reinserted, six days after it had been withdrawn.

It's not often I will agree with the Florida Supreme Court but, in this case, I do."Terri's law", while noble, was a bad idea. It can be used to override the wishes of the person it was meant to "protect". In this specific case, the husband, Michael, says it was his wifes wish not to be kept alive by extra human efforts. The parents say she never expressed thoise wishes to them.

While I understand the parents not wanting to lose their child, they lost her 14 years ago. They can not bring her back, no matter how much they may want to. They say she never expressed these wishes to them. I don't find this strange at all. She was married, married couples usually discuss things with each other that they wouldn't discuss with others, for the simple reason that, they are married. My parents do not know what my wishes are if something like this were to happen to me. Another person does and has written instructions from me on it. Why don't my parents know? Think about this a moment. What parent wants to listen to their child talk about their, basically, dying? That may sound too simple but, it is true. Try talking to your parents about your wishes if something like this were to happen to you. They will either try and change the subject, or say it will never happen. It is a parents nature.

While I truly do feel sorry for the parents, it's time to let this woman rest.