Monday, September 13, 2004

They'll never be national contenders

A while back, I wrote a post on the problems with the Libertarian Party.

Doug MacEachern has an article on another of their problems.

It seems that their candidate, Michael Badnarik, is, for lack of a better word, nuts.

Franklin D. Roosevelt knew about the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and "allowed that to happen." Bardnarik says he's fairly certain that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't operating as a lone gunman. And he doesn't know what really happened in Oklahoma City, but he's happy to imply that someone planted four bombs inside the Murrah building. "The official federal reports just don't seem quite right to me," he says.

If the Libertarian party wants to be taken seriously, stop putting idiots up as your pick for President. It's one thing to run on a platform on drugs, it's quite another to pick a screwball conspiracy theorist as your Presidential candidate.