Thursday, September 30, 2004

Too little, too late

George Will has an article out today that goes straight to the heart of this election.

If ever an administration, in a reelection season properly dominated by a single issue of the administration's choosing, has earned an electoral rebuke, it is this one. And if ever there has been a challenger who, together with his party, seemed perfectly designed to dissuade the electorate from administering such a rebuke, it is this one.

He nails it. Both these candidates have been inept at putting forth a coherent message to the detrement of themselves. Kerry should have been on the attack, when it comes to Iraq, since day 1. He wasted a perfect chance by only starting this 2 weeks ago.
Every successful candidate has a basic stump speech, the incessant reiteration of which drives the traveling media into insane lip-syncing of it. It is 15 minutes long -- five minutes on the problems, five on the candidate's solutions, five on the contrast with his opponent. It is 33 days before Election Day, and Kerry still has no such speech. So he must make the most of these parallel news conferences that we laughably call "debates."

As I mentioned here, how? How are you going to accomplish anything? I think it's too little too late for Kerry.
Kerry's problem is that he does not have either the ideas or the courage to take the debate where it needs to go: to an uncomfortable confrontation with some comfortable American attitudes. Bush believes, as most Americans always have, in natural rights: He believes a particular kind of civic order -- democracy, representation, the rule of law, a large sphere of privacy and individual autonomy -- is right for the fulfillment of human nature. But Bush also seems to believe -- at least the slapdash non-planning for the Iraq project suggests this belief -- that a natural right implies a natural (meaning a spontaneous and omnipresent) capacity.

Does Kerry differ from Bush concerning this consequential idea? Kerry's differences about Iraq are mostly retrospective (what he would have done differently) or his own kind of wishful thinking ("the world" riding to the rescue).

Exactly! There are many places that Kerry can attack Bush, will he have the courage to do it? I somehow doubt it. He offers us nothing and expects us to rise up and vote for him. Um, okay?

Kerry says he has a profoundly different opinion on how the War on Teror should go. He has yet to tell us, ya know, the people who vote, how he differs.

Tonight he gets that oppurtunity. Will it make a difference? I don't know but, I doubt it. Too little, too late.