Friday, September 10, 2004

The week that was

I told you last night I'd go into some detail about the past week.

Saturday morning I got bored and said, the hell with it, I'm going out on the boat for a few hours. Got home about 1 and was told we were going to a hotel. So, we stayed over at the Holiday Inn, real luxury there folks. The electric went off there about 1 am and I opened the door to let some air in, the air was moving at about 60 mph at that time so, I closed the door.

Woke up Sunday and drove to the house, a few limbs down but no damage to the house. No water and no electric. Drove back to the hotel and told the family to wait a little bit to see what happens. About 10 am I drove back to the house and the electric was on so, went and shuttled the family home, it took 3 trips. I was in the process of giving my father his IV when the electric went out again. I took a walk aroud to see what the problem was and found a 70' oak laying across the lines 4 blocks up from my house. A neighbor and I went a cut the tree in peices to get it off the lines, figured the electric company would get to it quicker if the tree was gone, we were wrong.

I then told my parents I needed to find a place for them to stay, they can't breathe without air conditioning. My neice said they had power so, off my parents went.

Now, they say in times of adversity it shows a persons true character. If this is true, I'm a big pussy, excuse the language. I'm sorry, I like to bathe. I like a drink that isn't 90 degrees. I like to flip a switch and have lights come on. Folks, I went most of the way through Hell Week in BuDs training, broke my back jumping off a wall the last day, and it wasn't half as bad as the this week. I don't think I've ever sweat that much and the bad part, I couldn't wash the sweat off.

Well anyway, went to my neices house yesterday to have a real meal and got a call from a neighbor saying 20 minutes after I left, the lights came back on. The joy I felt driving down my road and seeing everyones lights on is indesribable. Pulled into my yard unlocked the door, walked into my house, flipped the switch, nothing happened. Agony people, pure agony. Sat there for about 5 minutes wanting to cry, I then realised I had shut the main to my house off when I took my parents to my neices. LIGHTS, AIR, JOY.

All that and next week, we may have to do it again.