Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Early voting

As you may know, some states have started early voting. While I think it goes against the Costitution to do so, it has become law in some states. And of course, the Democrats whined that it wasn't fair because the people who chose to do so had to vote in their polling precinct. Colorado and Florida had cases go to their respective Supreme Courts, I'll just deal with the Florida situation because it's where I live.

Judges in Florida and Colorado yesterday tightened access to polling places in their states, a blow to Democrats who had argued that legal restrictions there disenfranchised voters -- especially new ones, mostly Democratic-leaning minorities.
The decisions came as residents in both states began early voting. Early voting was instituted in Florida after the 2000 election in hopes of preventing the electoral mayhem of four years ago that held the presidency in abeyance for weeks after Election Day.
"If you vote early now," Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry told a crowd of Democrats here yesterday, "We don't have to stay up late Tuesday night."
In a unanimous ruling in Florida, the seven justices of the state Supreme Court said the votes of residents who cast ballots at the wrong precincts do not have to be counted, upholding a state law that labor unions argued unconstitutionally deprived residents of the right to vote if they did not know their polling place.

Good decision by the state Supremes. The labor unions argument is idiotic. If the people are registered voters, it shows, right on their voters ID card, where they are supposed to vote. If they have any questions, all they have to do is call their counties Supervisor of Elections office, give their address, and they will be told where they are supposed to go. I know this because, I tried it this morning to see how hard it would be to find out, it took me 2 minutes.
Under Florida law, if voters show up at a polling place but officials there have no record that they are registered, they are given provisional ballots. Those ballots are then held until officials determine whether the persons were entitled to vote at that precinct and had not already voted.
If they should have been allowed to vote at that precinct, the ballots count; if not, they are thrown out.

I honestly see nothing wrong with this. It is YOUR responsibility to know where to vote.

This is just another case of crying before the results are known. The law is simple. Your voters ID tells you where to vote, pick up a phone if you are unsure. Simple