Sunday, October 17, 2004


I'm sure all of you have heard about this. I've been sitting here for a couple of days debating on whether to say something on this or not. Well, I decided it was time I had my say.

The Democrat Party leader had this to say

This disgusting flyer is a dirty trick by Republicans to try and smear Craig Fitzhugh and the Democratic Party in Tennessee. We are shocked and appalled that they would stoop to this level to try and score political points. Craig Fitzhugh is one of the most honorable, upright men in the Tennessee Legislature, and everyone who knows him knows that he is a champion of children and those with disabilities.

I am calling on Republican Party Chairwoman Beth Harwell, Craig Fitzhugh’s colleague in the House of Representatives, to put an end to this. We may not agree on politics, but Beth and I can both agree to the character and principles of Craig Fitzhugh. This is the work of shady Republican operatives, and is remnicent of the Nixon-era Watergate burglaries. This is just the latest in a long history of dirty politics on the part of Republicans.

Craig Fitzhugh has called on the District Attorney to investigate the source of this disgusting flyer. We have every intention of getting to the bottom of this disturbing incident.

According to the Tennessean
It appears there will be no official investigation into the origins of an offensive leaflet that ridicules President Bush and people with disabilities, the Lauderdale County prosecutor said yesterday.

''We have not found anything to support a criminal charge on this brochure,'' said 25th Judicial District Attorney General Elizabeth Rice, whose district includes Ripley and Lauderdale County.

I don't really give a rats ass if thier is evidence to support criminal charges. I want to know who put this flier out. I don't care if it is the Republicans or the Democrats, I want to know. Anyone who would sink to such lows as to use the handicapped as a way of going against a candidate has no business running for office.

I've been a part of the Special Olympics for going on 15 years now. My best friends older brother is severely "retarded" and because of him, I have had the honor of working with this group of people. You will never be so humbled as when watching these people do something that others think they shouldn't be able to do. First or last doesn't matter to them, the oppurtunity and the fun they have is what they enjoy

So, I have this to say to the asshole who put this flier out. Why don't you shut up and go spend some time working with the Special Olympics, maybe you will learn something about what integrity is. I truly hope the truth comes out about this and I hope you get burnt. I hope the people of your state and the rest of the country see what a true slimeball is and that you will NEVER be able to show your face in public because of the scorn and ridicule, that you so richly deserve, that will be heaped upon you. Asshole.

To my readers, if the truth of this story comes out, I want you to flood the campaign office of the candidate responsible. I want this person to know what a true asshole, I'm sorry about the language but, it's the nicest word I can bring myself to say, he is. The links to their offices are below.

Craig Fitzhugh

Dave Dahl