Saturday, October 09, 2004

John Howard wins

SYDNEY, Australia - Prime Minister John Howard scored a convincing victory in Australia's federal election Saturday, winning a historic fourth term in a vote ensuring the staunch U.S. ally keeps its troops in Iraq

Good news for Australia and good news for the Bush administration. Not only is it a win for Howard but it is expected that his party will pick up seats in the Parliment.
With about 77 percent of votes counted, official figures showed Howard's coalition had 52.4 percent to Labor's 47.6 percent, giving the conservatives a clear lead in the race for a majority in parliament's 150-seat lower house, where government is formed.

While to those outside of Australia it seemed that this election hinged on the situation in Iraq, Australians seemed to vote for there wallet.
Australia's economy has grown during every year of Howard's administration has been in office. Unemployment is close to all-time lows and inflation is just 2 percent.

Nothing bad about that at all.

While the situation in Iraq is important and many in Australia disagree with Howard on going in with Bush and Blair, Australians see a booming economy, and a stable country. Good on them.