Wednesday, October 06, 2004

One bone to pick

There is only one thing that was said last night that upset me. It was said by Senator Edwards in his closing statement.

Here's the truth: I have grown up in the bright light of America. But that light is flickering today.

No Senator, it isn't. It's people like you who continually talk about two Americas that will make that light flicker.

We live, and yes, this is the patriot in me speaking, the greatest country on earth. The oppurtunity has been and will always be there for people willing to try. That "bright light on a hill" is still there, you and your running mate may try to block that light with the rhetoric you speak but, you will not put it out.

You spoke of your father,
You know, when I was young and growing up, I remember coming down the steps into the kitchen, early in the morning, and I would see the glow of the television.

And I'd see my father sitting at a table. He wasn't paying bills, and he wasn't doing paperwork from work.

What he was doing was learning math on television.

Now, he didn't have a college education, but he was doing what he could do to get a better job in the mill where he worked. I was proud of him. I'm still proud of him.

You should be proud of him Senator, he worked to make his, and your, life better. The only problem Senator is, you don't tell the whole story. Your father got tired of working in a place where he couldn't advance. What did he do Senator? Did he sit back and live in drudgery? No, he didn't. What he did was go to some friends, raise the money and start his own mill.

THAT is the American story you seem to forget Senator. That is what MY America is all about. I don't know what America you live in Senator but maybe you should start remembering just what your father had to teach you.