Wednesday, October 06, 2004

World Government

I just came across this site.

A "Declaration of the Value of Global Governance"?

If you look through the site, you come across a summary of the Integral World Government.

Integral world government is defined as a global federation of nations united under a constitution of laws guided by the insights and principles of integral philosophy. An integral world government would be instituted to provide democratic oversight of the global economy, protect the world's environment, establish a universal bill of human rights, preserve cultural diversity, and bring an eventual end to war, disease, and poverty. And an integral world government would provide for a system of global justice which would reduce the incentives for terrorism.

These people are the most naive people I have ever seen. Do they at all understand the world that they live in? From reading the site, no, they don't.

Do they really think that the leaders of the world will jsut hand over the reigns of their country for the sake of the "Integral Consciousness"?

And then there is this,
But regardless of whether the evolution of human political organization results from coercion or cooperation, the real benefits of political consolidation result from the implementation of effective laws.
So, they'll use coercion to get you to do as they want? Hmmmm, maybe not as naive as I thought.