Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What the world thinks

PARIS (Reuters) - The rest of the world will be watching with anxiety when President Bush is inaugurated Thursday for a second time, fearing the most powerful man on the planet may do more harm than good.

Don't you just feel so bad for the rest of the world? I want to ask a serious question here. Why in hell should I care what the rest of the world thinks? George Bush is not their President so, they can shut up.

I'm not in a good mood today
Many world leaders, alienated by Bush's go-it-alone foreign policy and the U.S.-led war in Iraq, would have preferred him to lose the U.S. election last November. Since his victory, they have been urging him to listen and consult more.

Listen and consult? You mean like we did for 12 years with Iraq? You mean just talking without actually DOING something. God, what jokes these people are.

Oh, and this "go-it-alone" line of crap is getting rather boring. Let's look at just how "alone" we have been in Iraq.

United States, Great Britain, Italy, Poland,
Ukraine, Netherlands,
Australia, Romania, South Korea, Japan, Denmark,
Bulgaria, Thailand El
Salvadore, Hungary, Singapore, Norway, Azerbaijan,
Georgia, Mongolia,
Latvia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania,
Slovokia, Albania, New
Zealand, Tonga, Estonia, Kazakstan, Macedonia, and

This is the list of countries that are members of the coalition in Iraq. Now, please explain to me just how we are "alone".

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