Friday, April 22, 2005

Jessica Lunsford

Disclaimer: The following article is not pleasant.

INVERNESS - For weeks, rumors swirled that the man suspected of killing Jessica Lunsford kept her inside his home for a time, then buried her alive.

Documents released Wednesday suggest those grisly accounts are true.

Investigators found Jessica just as John Couey told them they would.

She was sitting upright in a 4-foot-deep grave, her wrists bound in front of her body with stereo wire. Two of her fingers had poked through the plastic trash bags stretched tight over her body. In her arms she clutched the stuffed purple dolphin that had been missing from her bedroom.

Her body bore no sign of injuries that would have caused death. Medical examiners ruled she died of asphyxiation, or a lack of oxygen.

That leaves open the likelihood that Jessica was alive in her grave as dirt and leaves were shoveled over her.

Now, my following statement may get some liberals upset but, I don't care.

This animal, I can't bring myself to call him human, raped a little girl then stuffed her in a gabage bag, ALIVE, and buried her. Some out there will say that he has a sickness. I say, he is a piece of garbage that should be wiped off the face of the earth. He does not deserve mercy, he deserves to die the most horrible death that can be thought up. I could go into details of what I would do but I'll just say this, it would involve a very rusty, dull knife and his genitals.

But, of course, we are "civilised". We can't do those things. So, this crap heap will, MAYBE, recieve life in prison, or even, POSSIBLY, the death penalty, where he will be stuck with a couple of needles and die a peaceful death.

For the longest time I have gone back and forth on the death penalty. Is it a detriment to crime? Is it really what a civilised country should do? Then comes a story like this and I realised, unfortunately, that there are purely evil people in this world who deserve no mercy, who deserve to have the things done to them that they have done to others.

If nothing else comes out of this story I want the parents out there to realise, this could happen to you. Our children are our most precious commotity. We should love them and protect them from the monsters of the world. Watch your children. Don't think because you have a good child and a smart child that this can't happen. It happens with all too much frequency. There are monsters out there who don't care what a wonderful child you have, they want to use your child and throw him/her away like they do their garbage. Be watchful, be smart, be a pain in the ass to your child and most of all, love them with all you have.